A Journey Back To Whole

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Biscuit Vision...part 2...

Some background on my beliefs in dreams...

I am not an "out there" girl, meaning believe in ghosts, past lives etc. But I must say I am beginning to veer off in that direction. Considering the clarity of my Grandma Gert dog biscuit dream, I would have to be a fool NOT to believe. I awoke feeling as if I had a real conversation with her. I have never experienced this before now. Something happened in my psyche during that dream. Gert and her dog loving ways will live on through me. I intend to make a go of this come hell or high water. It makes far too much sense in the big picture not to.

As I said before, Gert was the woman who kindled in me a passion for food and cooking. She was my inspiration to go to cooking school. She taught me the basics which I use every day. The quencher and karmic piece comes from the fact that these biscuits were the first thing she ever taught me to cook.

I have named them after her..."Gertchews". So I dedicate this adventure to Grandma Gert, my mentor, my muse.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Bake the Biscuits...sell them..."

November 10, 2009

Fell asleep on my couch, mid afternoon. Very out of character for me, being someone who vacuums at midnight on a regular basis. My Grandma, my muse, my first cooking teacher came to me in a dream. She told me to bake the biscuits. Sell the biscuits.
So I rose from my dream inspired to begin, anew. Independence day.

Flashback...April 2008...

Drove to the beach to pick up a new addition to our family, in the form of a black Labradoodle puppy. The moment I laid eyes on our pup I thought of my Grandma Gert and her dog Jolly, black standard poodle was she. Couldn't wait to get home and bake him some of her biscuits. Being the first item she taught me to cook, it seemed apropo.