A Journey Back To Whole

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today I post a poem. I haven't shared any of my poetry to date, as it is usually on the more personal side of my life. But my friend's sage advice, that to be a writer one must share her work, rings very loud in my head. Here goes! I would love to hear some feedback.


A November
moon above
My world
you enter

We exchange
our details
We share
common threads
between us

Feels as if I have
known you
my life
fell apart at her seams

I tell you, I cry
you listen
I long to let go
you hear

You speak of your life
I open my heart
Your confusion
I see, I concur
We both know

Time has passed
March Ides upon us

Tis I
now confused
What to call
our coupling
Past ghosts
won't allow me
such whim

If not love
what holds us
I wonder
I ask

You lay a warm hand
on my shoulder
You pull me in

you say
My dear

I sleep soundly now
underneath your arm

I have found


Anonymous said...

What a fabulously beautiful poem....Made me quite emotional....

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Wonderful poem about the complexities of love. I write "raps", but not poems and I so admire this and your creativity, Jenni.